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Corporate Stays offers free stays to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey.

Buy Furniture

Corporate Stays’ apartments are proudly fully furnished by Casa  Suarez.
Like the pieces in our units?  You can buy furniture that we use in 
our apartments brand new!


Furnish your home just like our apartments.

With comfort and style in mind. 

Casa Suarez’ unique collections combine shabby chic and bohemian styles. In addition, some furniture is designed with many modern elements. Many Casa Suarez products made from various types of wood, that are harvested sustainably and FSC approved. Therefore, every wooden piece of furniture is made with eco-friendliness in mind. 

Bring home a piece of the world.

Furniture by Casa Suarez offers the experience of distant destinations in a tangible way. Therefore, travel enthusiasts can fill their spaces with pieces from all around the world. Undoubtely, each piece is handmade and infused with the care of an artisan, as well as the intrigue of an exotic place.


Casa Suarez Signature Collections